Friday, July 3, 2009


This summer I have to go to summer school. It won't be that bad because my freind Kristen is going too. I'll be able to talk to her since I don't know any one else who is going. Also I'm going to be going to a soccer camp this summer too. I'm going with my freind Sarah. I can't wait intill the camp.


  1. Hey, Vicky! I made an account so I could post on your website! Oh, yea! When are you doing soccer camp? VBS starts pretty soon (July 20-24, I believe) and I invited Camille over the internet but I don't think she goes on my website so I'll have to call her or ask her the next time I see her. I'll see you later! Bye!

  2. You should to post again. The last time you posted was 11 days ago! P.S. Do you like my picture of Issy as my image?